Birel N35 PGP Rental Karts


PGP Motorsports Park utilizes the Birel N35 as its rental kart of choice. The N35 is Italian-built, draws upon a World Championship heritage and is the premier corporate entertainment kart on the market today. Lighter in weight but heavy on performance, PGP’s 40 Birel N35s feature a safe, durable design while still looking and driving like true performance race karts.

Standard equipment on the PGP Birel N35:

  • Honda 9hp 4-stroke engine with gearing to run 50mph
  • 35mm chassis construction
  • 40mm axle
  • Hydraulic braking system
  • Fully-adjustable pedal positioning
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Impact-absorbing bodywork
  • Ergonomically-designed cradle seating system

Custom Hand Controlled Kart


PGP Motorsports Park is proud to offer a fully hand-controlled kart for those drivers not physically able to drive a standard kart. This kart is identical in performance to the rest of our fleet and provides drivers with a karting experience and adrenaline rush unlike most any other. Reservations are required to ensure the kart is ready when you arrive.