Corporate Events


PGP Corporate Events are the perfect solution for companies looking to inspire their employees and colleagues with an exhilarating, high-performance and unforgettable experience. In addition to providing all of the standard event amenities, from racing  gear to complete catering options, PGP Motorsports Park delivers exciting and bond-building racing challenges that make any event a tremendous success.

A PGP corporate racing event takes center stage in providing participants with a truly memorable experience.  There are a variety of racing packages to choose from that ensure the event is perfectly tailored to your groups’ specific needs and goals. PGP’s expert event staff is happy to customize an event just for your group to meet your goals and expectations for the day.

PGP’s group events come complete with race instruction, timing & scoring sheets, use of awards podium for your own ceremony, catering options, tables with umbrellas, chairs, indoor seating (if requested), gas barbeque, and of course all the race gear needed for rain or shine racing. If your group would like to bring in your own picnic meal or barbeque, to round out your race day, we encourage it so you can spend even more time at the park. Let us know your needs and we are happy to assist with the details to ensure your guests thoroughly enjoy their experience.

At PGP Motorsports Park we specialize in putting together the perfect fun and exciting event for your:

  •  Team Building
  •  Staff Appreciation
  •  Client Appreciation
  •  Product Launches
  •  Annual Party
  • Business Lunch


Team Building

PGP’s team building race events are designed to challenge and develop strong bonds between team members. Our team building events give everyone a chance to shine and help your team to identify strengths among team members that will give them a competitive edge.  Team building at PGP is a fun and exciting event for everyone regardless of ability or skill and will have your group talking about the great time that was had, long after the event is over.

What makes PGP Motorsports Park such an excellent team building venue?

  •  Builds camaraderie and team spirit
  •  Memorable event that strengthen working relationships long after the day is over
  •  Builds trust and effective communication
  •  Encourages cooperation
  •  Challenging, builds confidence
  •  Gender and status equal

PGP makes planning your event easy and effortless as we are experts in organizing group events. We are eager to assist you with choosing the event that best suits your group and goals. Our team will do everything possible to have the employees knowing you made the best choice in selecting PGP Motorsports Park for your event!

Contact us today by completing the Event Request Form and one of our event coordinators will respond promptly to check availability.  For additional information please call us at # 253-639-7223.


Endurance Racing

For 36 to 100+ drivers

Team Endurance Racing is an exciting and social event which pairs up 3 to 6 drivers per team for a timed endurance race. This is the perfect choice for Team Building as strategy is left to the individual teams. Each team shares one go kart and continuously race in the allotted time which requires team work and communication. All teams are required to make pit stops to switch drivers and each driver must run at least one lap, giving each participant a chance to be the hero of the team. The team that completes the most laps when the checkered flag flies, wins!

Endurance races can be easily customized to suit your group.

 12 Karts18 Karts24 Karts
2 Hours Minimum$1600.00 Per Hour$2400.00 Per Hour$3200.00 Per Hour
3 Hours$1400.00 Per Hour$2100.00 Per Hour$2800.00 Per Hour
4 Hours$1800.00 Per Hour$1800.00 Per Hour$2400.00 Per Hour

Group Race Events

10 to 100+ drivers

Group Race Event packages are events where drivers compete individually for the top finishing spot. Drivers will have a break between each of their on-track sessions. Groups with 20+ drivers will be divided up into run groups and all drivers will advance to the Final Race in any of the above packages. There are no eliminations to ensure everyone and gets equal race time!

$60.00 Per Person
$85.00 Per Person
$110.00 Per Person
Race Instruction
Race Instruction
Race Instruction
Timed Full PracticeTimed Full PracticeTimed Full Practice
Final EventSemifinalHeat Race
Final EventSemifinal Race
Final Event