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Event Information:

  • Sat

    Rental Kart Endurance Race

    9:00 am

    Rental Kart Endurance racing is the perfect opportunity to come out and enjoy the super-friendly competition, strategy, and teamwork that go into one of these endurance events.

    PGP Rental Kart Endurance Racing will consist of a practice session followed by a straight through 90 minute race using the full .82-mile track.  To bring a little strategy into the mix two- 90 second pit stops will be required with competitors switching to different karts at each stop. Kart assignments and starting positions will be made based on a random draw.

    Due to the high demand of these races, pre-registration is strongly encouraged to reserve your kart. You may also register the morning of the race before 8:30am, but entries are limited. Each event will start with a mandatory Driver’s Meeting at 8:45am and racing begins promptly at 9:00am. Cost per person is based on number of drivers on the team:

    • Three-person team driver: $50 member, $60 non-member
    • Two-person team driver: $75 member, $85 non-member
    • One-person IronMan/Woman: $125 member, $135 non-member