Meet your PGP Race Instructors

ColinOlsonAt 13 years old Colin Olson started out at PGP as one of the first graduates of our “Junior Racer” race school program. Three years and countless laps later Colin has become one of our most requested instructors at PGP. His methodical and personal approach to driver coaching has proven the perfect recipe for drivers both young and old. Colin has graduated well over 100 young drivers through our “Junior Racer” program. In addition to his success with young drivers, he has coached many adult racers to consistent front running finishes in our rental racing leagues. Whether you’re a new driver making your first laps around PGP or an experienced racer looking to take that next step up the podium, Colin can help you achieve your driving goals.

kylezaludKyle Zalud has been involved in kart racing since the age of 5 when he took his first run around a track in a Kid’s Kart. Growing up in a family whose business has always been kart racing Kyle quickly became addicted to the sport as his weekends would consist of racing on-track then jumping to the operations and technical side of the race events. Since those early days Kyle has been employed with Stars of Karting and traveled around the U.S. where he was instrumental in the success of Race Operations.

He is extremely knowledgeable in kart racing, how to read the track in changing conditions, and how to get around the track in the quickest, yet safest way. Kyle enjoys teaching drivers the technical skills needed to advance in the sport and takes pride in their success.

PGP is excited to have Kyle as our Race Instructor with his deep background and experience in karting and encourage you to call to reserve your class with Kyle today.

scottcowellAdding over 20 years of real world motorsports experience to PGP’s stellar coaching lineup, Scott Cowell has been on both sides of the steering wheel.  Scott found success both as a driver – scoring multiple national level wins – and later transitioning to a coaching role as a tuner. He has worked with some of the biggest names in karting producing championships and national victories. His detailed, technical and personal approach to coaching insures that he can add speed to your driving regardless of your experience level.

We are proud to have Scott as our Race Instructor and with his extensive knowledge you will have made the right decision to participate in a PGP race class.