Kart Rental Requirements

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Rental Kart Schedule

Open all year Wednesday thru Sunday!

Open Rain & Shine

Public rental go karts are available 52 weeks of the year and run rain or shine. So don’t let the raindrops scare you away. If you have never tried drifting in our typical northwest weather, here’s your chance!  At PGP we laugh at the rain. Drivers who have had the chance to drive the karts in the rain have experienced something unlike anything else and can’t wait to come back and play on the wet track!  Whether its on the dry, smooth asphalt track or wet track conditions, you are sure to have the time of your life while experiencing the thrill and excitement of true racing! The uniqueness of the PGP track allows for the rental karts to be run on 12 different track configurations, clockwise and counter clockwise. Your need for speed will be fulfilled at this grand facility that our customers are calling “The Best Kart Track anywhere!”

PGP Go Kart Rentals are available on a drop in basis for individuals and groups of under 10 drivers. Reservations are available for groups of 10 or more by booking an event with us. See our Group Event pages for complete details or call us at 253-639-7223 to reserve your track time for your party or event!

Go Kart rental racing is perfect for drivers of all skill levels and drivers new to karting are encouraged to come on out and experience the fun. See the Hours of Operation or rental hours and also the Upcoming Events area on the home page for schedule changes.

PGP also has year round League Racing which is perfect for the driver looking for a true race format. Our League Racing format offers racing for Amateur Racers on Sunday mornings which targets women and men drivers with little or no previous kart racing experience. Our Saturday morning League Racing is geared for the women and men Pro-Am and Pro drivers with previous karting experience. Racers are gridded up by quickest time on the track for the starts in all Heat, Semi-Final and Final Races. Amateur and League Racing info can be found under the Current Racing tab. These racing series are an excellent venue for any new or experienced driver aged 15yrs and up looking to race with other like-minded drivers. League Racing is available on a drop-in basis, although pre-registration is recommended. Drivers have the flexibility to choose one or all races to participate in. Trophies are awarded weekly to the top finishers in all classes.

Rental times are listed on the home page under Hours of Operation. Also see the Upcoming Events section for any schedule changes and League Racing Events.

HelmetsRaceWearHelmets and Race Wear

At PGP Motorsports Park, we have you covered when you arrive at the track. We have a full array of helmets, PGP coveralls, and complete rain gear, including full length waterproof gloves and booties for your use during your sessions to keep you safe and comfortable. On cold or wet days it is recommended to bring gloves to keep hands warm.

Clothing & Other Requirements

  • Long sleeves recommended, but not required.
  • Full length pants recommended, but not required.
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Long hair must be secured
  • Minimum height is 5′ tall
  • Head sock if using our helmet. (Available at the track for $3.00+ tax)
  • If using your own full face helmet it must be DOT approved and include full eye protection.


PGP offers the following race wear to be used at no additional charge during your sessions:

  • Helmets
  • Full race suits
  • Rain gear including booties and gloves
  • Shoes

Age Requirement

  • Drivers 15 yrs and up are welcome to drive with no previous experience or driving course required.
  • Drivers 12 – 14 yrs old will be allowed after successful completion of the Junior Racer School.
  • Drivers  8 – 11 yrs. are permitted after completion of the age appropriate Race School and Safety Course. Drivers in this age group require reservations on the track due to smaller engines and karts utilized for these younger racers.

Call us at 253-639-7223 to schedule your Race School today.

Drivers under the age of 18 are required to have a parent or guardian present to sign a minor waiver.

Verification of age may be requested.

Other Information

Intentional bumping is not allowed and will be considered Reckless Driving. Any driving behavior that is perceived as dangerous or damaging to self, others, kart equipment or the facililty will result in immediate removal from the grounds and no refunds will be given.

PGP Motorsports Park has a NO TOLERANCE policy for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs. If you are suspected of being under the influence you will be removed from the event and no refund will be given.

Enter and exit the kart by using the seat or steering wheel for support. Avoid engine area which may be hot.

Our karts are controlled by a foot brake pedal on the left side and a foot throttle pedal on the right side. There are no clutches on the rental karts.

All drivers are required to sign a Release of Liability prior to racing. There are inherent risks to any motorsport activity and race karts are no exception. At PGP Motorsports Park there are several postings around the facility regarding Rules of Karting and the meaning of race flags. If you have any questions or need clarification it is your responsibility to ask prior to driving a kart.

Kart racing is a physical sport. If you are pregnant, have back or neck problems, or any other medically compromised condition you should consult your doctor prior to kart racing.

Any photos taken of you by the staff at PGP Motorsports Park are the property of the same and may be used for display, advertising, fund raising, and promotion of the facility.

Any act of verbal or physical aggression toward another driver or race official will result in immediate removal from the facility with no refund given.

We are a family oriented place of fun. Any vulgar display or language will result in immediate removal from the facility.

No smoking is allowed in the pit area.

No alcohol is allowed to be brought on to the facility.