Media Requests

Reporters and photographers interested in covering any other events/races at PGP Motorsports Park should have their assigning editor apply for media accreditation thru our office.

The request must received two weeks prior to the event start date to be considered. Please provide your phone number, fax number, e-mail and return address in your request. The request must include links to or samples of current work.

Following the event, coverage must be provided to the PGP Media Manager, Juli Zalud, in order to be considered for a Media Pass to subsequent events at PGP Motorsports Park.

All credentials are non-transferable and any unauthorized use will subject the bearer to removal from the premises and confiscation of the credential. A request for credentials does not guarantee they will be issued. On-track access will be allowed for print media and those who directly own or are official photographers/videographers for related websites and forums. Requests will not be granted for those having Flickr, Vimeo or other like personal sites.


Still photographers must attend a safety meeting at our track (usually held in the morning before on-track activity during events) in order to receive a vest allowing trackside access.

PGP Motorsports Park retains all rights to video, film footage and photographs shot on the grounds. The aforementioned may be used by PGP for legitimate news coverage and promotional materials including printed materials, website and online sites such as Facebook and forums free of charge. Any photographs and/or videos taken on the grounds of PGP for another businesses use, their website or media use, their advertising or promotional purposes is prohibited without the written approval of PGP Motorsports Park. There is no soliciting allowed on the premises. Anyone found soliciting on the track grounds will be removed from the premises and lose all privileges for future events.

We receive an overwhelming number of requests to shoot and video on the track. PGP has many great vantage points for shooting without being in the restricted area, including the hillside and viewing deck. We encourage you to take advantage of these non-restricted opportunities.